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The Telco Perspective: The Connected Consumer

The Telco Perspective: The Connected Consumer

10 years ago, we had 10 million mobile subscribers and 2 million data subscribers. Today in 2017, we have 40 million mobile subscribers and 30 million data subscribers. “Keep calm, there’s an app for that!” In fact, the mobile phone has been a ubiquitous success.

MSRA 2017 Conference Papers

MSRA 2017 Conference - Opening-Speech

Many thanks to all the presenters who delivered informative research presentations relating to this year’s conference theme: “Understanding Shifting Consumer Priorities” Presentations Branding, Research Methods & the Youth – a Safaricom Experience (preview) Presenter: Victor Ikawa – Safaricom Ltd (pdf, 29 pages, 1.8MB) Dawn of the Prosumer Presenter: Irene Opondo – PARS Research (pdf, 14 […]