Marketing & Social Research Association – MSRA


In line with its Mission, the Marketing and Social Research Association (MSRA) Kenya established its Opinion Polling Guideline in 2012 and revised it in July 2017. The aim of this guideline is to establish common and acceptable standards of practice and behavior in the industry, in relation to conducting and publishing of opinion polls.

The MSRA Opinion Polling Guidelines highlight 5 Standards for members to implement and are aligned to the regulatory requirements set out in the Kenya Electoral Opinion Polls Act 2012.

All MSRA members who conduct political opinion polls are required to confirm compliance and adherence to the guidelines & standards outlined in this document.

The below MSRA members have endorsed this initiative and have signed a commitment expressing their intent to fully abide by and comply with the Standards therein, and support its implementation at all times:

MSRA Opinion Polling Guidelines


  • Introduction to MSRA
  • MSRA Membership
  • Political Opinion Polling in Kenya
  • Standards to be Adopted in Opinion Polling
    • Polling Rationale
    • Who benefits from Opinion Polling?
    • Challenges for Political Pollsters
    • Are Opinion Polls Fool-Proof?
    • Proposed Measures for Election Surveys
    • MSRA Opinion Polling Standards
      • Standard 1: Polling Questions
      • Standard 2: Sampling
      • Margin of Error, Sample Size & Confidence levels
      • Standard 3: Publication of Political Opinion Polls
      • Standard 4: Methodology Details to be Published
      • Standard 5: Additional Details to be Published
    • MSRA Member Compliance & Adherence
    • Recommendations to Stakeholders
    • Conclusion
    • Signing of the MSRA Opinion Polling guidelines