October 2, 2023

MSRA Industrial Survey 2012

MSRA Industry Survey 2012

Participant Companies:

Key challenges in East Africa:


  • Limited number of experienced /qualified resource/staff
  • Limited trained & skilled staff leading to poor quality data collection
  • Availability of human resource
  • Limited pool of talents: it is difficult to find the right people with some experience in the industry - especially in Operations
  • Finding the right staff who are already trained.
  • Finding qualified middle and top level management
  • Qualified and experienced staff
  • Limited human capital.


  • Rising cost of operations
  • Reduced Margins / Profits
  • Low budgets by clients
  • Economic recession and slumps force market research costs down as clients not willing to pay well for services rendered.
  • Increasing client demands against reducing budgets. They want more for less.
  • Access to technology: research has moved from manual to computerized data collection and accessing affordable software is not easy.

Spending by Research Method

70.54 % Quantitative
22.23 % Qualitative
7.23 % Other

Download full report (PDF, 29 pages, 534KB)

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