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MSRA Conference 2024

21-22 Nov 2024 | Nairobi

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Gen AI, Disruptor or Accelerator?

The 2024 MSRA Conference will focus on the theme “Gen AI, Disruptor or Accelerator?” ​ which explores the dual nature of Generative Artificial Intelligence (Gen AI) and its potential to challenge and enhance current practices across various sectors. ​ Gen AI encompasses technologies that can autonomously create content, solve complex problems, and simulate human-like understanding. ​ The conference aims to delve into the ethical considerations and disruptions that Gen AI may cause in data integrity, job roles, and privacy. ​ Additionally, the conference will explore the impact of AI on the generation growing up with technology, shaping their expectations, behaviors, and values. ​ By addressing both technological advancements and generational shifts, the conference aims to navigate these emerging trends wisely and leverage AI’s potential while adapting to the changes it fosters. ​

Conference Sub Themes:

AI Integration in Research Processes:

How AI technologies are being integrated into various stages of the research process, from data collection to analysis, and their impact on the quality, accuracy, depth, and speed of insights generated.

Human-Centric Approach to AI Adoption

Addressing how to maintain a human-centered approach when adopting AI technologies, ensuring that AI serves to enhance rather than replace human judgment and creativity.

Showcasing Gen AI Innovations

Real-world examples of cutting-edge Gen AI applications/ solutions that enhance Data, Research, and Insights capabilities and outcomes, highlighting the latest advancements and their practical implications for the industry.

Consumer Behaviour and the AI Generation

Examining how the generation growing up with AI interacts with technology, brands, and services, and the implications for the Data, Research, and Insights Industry.

Ethics and Privacy in Gen AI Research

Addressing the ethical considerations and privacy challenges associated with using Gen AI in the Data, Research, and Insights Industry.

why Attend?


The conference will comprise of interactive plenary sessions, panel discussions, outdoor exhibitions and networking sessions

Insightful Exploration

To explore the dual nature of Gen AI as both a disruptor and an accelerator within the Data, Research, and Insights industry.

Technological Advancements

To showcase cutting-edge Gen AI applications that enhance research capabilities and outcomes.

Generational Insights

To understand the behaviours, expectations, and values of the generation growing under AI influence.

Collaborative Learning

To foster a collaborative environment where industry professionals can share knowledge, experiences, and strategies regarding Gen AI.


Registration details coming soon. In the meantime, feel free to contact us regarding paper submission, registration, content or sponsorship


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